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Pretty Wicked - Pretty Wicked (1992)

| USA | Sleaze Glam | 70mb | 192kbps |
Cry Tough was formed in 1990 in Tampa Bay, Florida by drummer Angelo Ballis. The early lineup would be Ballis, guitarists Geno Stevens and Mark Moon, vocalist Cody and a local bassist. They soon became irritated with the bassist and singer and dumped them. Looking for a bass player, they found Silvio "Sly" Valentini who was this wild and crazy dude that hung around the warehouse with his bass just waiting for his chance.
  • Mark Hopkins - lead and backing vocals
  • Angelo Ballis - drums, percussion
  • Mark Moon - guitar, backing vocals
  • Geno Stevens - guitar
  • Silvio Valentini - bass, backing vocals


1. Love Junkie
2. Chain Me Down
3. Gypsy Angel
4. What You Get is What You See
5. Uh-Huh Alright
6. So Far Away
7. XXX-Rated Lovin'
8. Black and Blue World
9. Gimmie Sum Gunz
10. Princess to Be
11. High on the Mountain

Pretty Wicked - Pretty Wicked (1992)

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Wow very rare album...but cool as hell !!!!

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