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Hericane Alice - Tear The House Down (1990)

| USA | Sleaze/Hair | 57mb | 192kbps |
This is the one and only album that Hericane Alice released. With songs like "Wild Young And Crazy", "Shake, Shake, Shout" and the title track, this bands music rocked.
Hericane Alice was a short lived metal band that formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their debut album was the self titled and very limited Hurricane Alice.
  • Bruce Naumann - vocals
  • Danny Gill - guitar
  • Ian Mayo - bass
  • Jackie Ramos - drums


01. Wild Young And Crazy
02. Bad To Love
03. Dream Girl
04. Tear The House Down
05. Badboy Breakout
06. Need A Lover
07. Too Late
08. Shake, Shake, Shout
09. Crank The Heat Up
10. I Walk Alone


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