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Baby Borderline - Misguided Youth (2010)

| UK | Sleaze | 106mb | 320kbps |
Misguided Youth is the debut album by Sleaze rock band Baby Borderline from Brighton, England. Released in 2010 by Demon Doll Records.
Young, brash and full-of-sleaze rock attitude are just a few of the things Baby Borderline bring to the table with their debut album 'Misguided Youth'.
Kicking, clawing and slithering down the alley with their UK swagger, the boys jolt out of your speakers with the album titled opener and never stop coming with eight drop dead tracks including "S.O.B.", "Don't Come Easy", "B.L.O.W." and the acoustic smash "Fade Away".
  • Louis Howard - Lead Vocals
  • JJ - Lead Guitar
  • Mitch Malone - Guitars
  • Matty Clements - Bass
  • Seann Bewey - Drums


01 - Misguided Youth

02 - Don't Come Easy

03 - B.L.O.W.

04 - Fade Away

05 - S.O.B.

06 - Nuffin' To Say

07 - Gimmie The Keys

08 - Change


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