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44 Caliber - Can You Handle... (2010)

| Sweden | Sleaze Glam | 89mb | 320kbps |
44 Caliber
have arrived with their debut U.S. release 'Can You Handle'. CC and the boys come kicking and screaming on to the glam and sleaze front with 10 songs that will leave you speechless.
  • C.C. - Vocals
  • Chris - Guitar
  • Divine - Guitar
  • Nikke - Bass
  • Jojo - Drums


01. Little Miss Trouble
02. Cure
03. Armageddon
04. Sunday Morning 8 AM
05. Walls Of Silence
06. Fake
07. Too Many Lies
08. Miles Away
09. Point Of View
10. All Those Wasted Years


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love this blog! hope you dig this http://glitterngasoline.blogspot.com/

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crazy blog! I like it :D

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valeu boa

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