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Crashdïet - Demo Compilation by iZZyGNS

| Sweden | Sleaze Glam | 349mb | Various-kbps |
01-You Gimme What I Need
02-Out Of Line
03-Queen Obscene
04-We Play It, You Scream It
05-Miss Pain
06-California White (Version 1)
07-Riot In Everyone (Version 1)
08-Within' The Sleaze
09-Lost Horizons
10-Happy Me
12-It's A Miracle
13-Tomorrow (Version 2)
14-Those Eyes
15-Tomorrow (Version 1)
16-Too Hot To Stop
17-Hot All Through The Night
18-Cant Stop Loving You
19-Get Ready For Tonite
21-Knokk 'Em Down
22-Breaking The Chainz
23-Crazy Nights (Version 2)
24-Straight Outta Hell
25-Riot In Everyone (Version 2)
27-Out Of Line (Rough Mix 2005)
28-I Can Sense A Lie
29-in The Raw (mix)
30-Perfect Day
31-Out Of The Cold
32-Next To You
33-Wild Rose
34-Wreking Machine
35-Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
36.One Of A Kind (Instrumental)
37-Riot in Everyone (Instrumental)
38-Needlein Your Eye
39-Falling Rain
40-One Of A Kind (Demo)
41-Away From You
42-Hell No
43-Crazy Nights
44-Riot Youth
45-Chinese Democracy
46-Sweet Creature
47-Queen Obscene
48-Caught in Despair
49-California White (Version 2)
50-Scream it Out
51-It's A Miracle (Live With Simon)
52-Territorial Pissing (Nirvana Cover)
53-Like A Sin (Demo)
54-Falling Rain (With Johnny Gunn)
55-Our Moment
56-Cancer Dancer
57-Sleaze Swedish All Stars - Crazy Crazy Nights
58-Sweet Punk
59-Knock Em Down (Demo V2)
60- Get Ready For Tonite
61-Hello (HQ Audio)
62-I Can Sense A Lie
63-Like a Sin [live from TV4_Channel]
64-Perfect Day (HQ Audio)
65-Screamin It Out (V2)

UPDATE: July 10, 2010
Added the part n.3!!


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Anonymous said...

kick ass songs

Anonymous said...

i love theze demos xD

Anonymous said...

CrashDïet rules, Glam 'n' Sleaze 4ever...

Anonymous said...

woow!gracias buen material

Anonymous said...

woow! glam metal forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!!!

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