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Dokken - Shadowlife (1997)

| USA | Class Metal | 47mb | 128kbps |
Shadowlife is the sixth studio album by heavy metal band Dokken, released in 1997. It marks a change in the band's musical style, moving towards alternative rock. However, critics and fans alike are not pleased with the change, and dismiss the album as one of Dokken's weakest.


1. "Puppet On A String"
2. "Cracks In The Ground"
3. "Sky Beneath My Feet"
4. "Until I Know"
5. "Hello"
6. "Convenience Store Messiah"
7. "I Feel"
8. "Here I Stand"
9. "Hard To Believe"
10. "Sweet Life"
11. "Bitter Regret"
12. "I Don't Mind"
13. "Until I Know


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