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Angel - Live Without A Net (1980)

| USA | AOR | 151mb | 256kbps |
Live Without A Net is the first live album, sixth in total, by the rock band Angel. It would be the band's last album before breaking up in 1981. The band had hoped that their live album would bring them commercial success, like the album Alive! did for Kiss, but it didn't, leading to Angel's breakup a year later.
  • Frank Dimino-Lead Vocals
  • Punky Meadows-Lead Guitars
  • Felix Robinson-Bass
  • Barry Brandt-Drums
  • Greg Giuffria-Keyboards

Disc One
1. "Tower"
2. "Can You Feel It"
3. "Don't Leave Me Lonely"
4. "Telephone Exchange"
5. "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore"
6. "Over and Over"
7. "Anyway You Want It"
8. "On the Rocks"
9. "Wild and Hot"
Disc Two
1. "All the Young Dudes"
2. "Rock and Rollers"
3. "White Lightning"
4. "Hold Me, Squeeze Me"
5. "Got Love If You Want It"
6. "Feelin' Right"
7. "20th Century Foxes"

Angel - Live Without A Net (1980)

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