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Badlands - Voodoo Highway (Remastered & Reloaded 2010)

| USA | AOR | 105mb | 320kbps |
Voodoo Highway is the second album of the band Badlands. After the first Badlands album, drummer Eric Singer left the band to join KISS, and was replaced by drummer Jeff Martin, who had previously sang as lead vocalist in the bands Surgical Steel and Racer X. Badlands bandmates Greg Chaisson and Jeff Martin later played together in the bands Blindside Blues Band and RedSea.


1. The Last Time
2. Show Me The Way
3. Shine On
4. Whiskey Dust
5. Joe?s Blues
6. Soul Stealer
7. 3 Day Funk
8. Silver Horses
9. Love Don?t Mean A Thing
10. Voodoo Highway
11. Fire And Rain
12. Heaven?s Train
13. In A Dream

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Badlands - Voodoo Highway (Remastered & Reloaded 2010)

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