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Badlands - Badlands (Remastered & Reloaded 2010)

| USA | AOR | 114mb | 320kbps |
Badlands was the first album by the band of the same name. This album featured Ray Gillen and Eric Singer, who previously played together in Black Sabbath. This album also features guitarist Jake E. Lee and bassist Greg Chaisson. Eric Singer later played on the Greg Chaisson solo album It's About Time. The album has sold 400,000 copies, according to Greg Chaisson, in a Hit Parader interview from 1990.


01. High Wire
02. Dreams in the Dark
03. Jade's Song
04. Winter's Call
05. Dancing on the Edge
06. Streets Cry Freedom
07. Hard Driver
08. Rumblin' Train
09. Devil's Stomp
10. Seasons

bonus track:
11. Ball & Chain

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Badlands - Badlands (Remastered & Reloaded 2010)

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