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Bret Michaels - Custom Built (2010)

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Custom Built is an album set to be released on July 6, 2010, from Poison lead singer and reality tv star Bret Michaels. It is Michaels' first studio album since 2005's Freedom of Sound, which produced his only charted single to date. The lead-off single from the album, "Nothing to Lose", features pop singer Miley Cyrus. A second single, "Lie to Me", was issued in April 2010, followed by a third single in May, "Wasted Time".

01 "Riding Against the Wind"
02 "Lie to Me"
03 "Nothing to Lose"
04 "Wasted Time"
05 "What I Got"
06 "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"
07 "Go That Far"
08 "Driven"
09 "Open Road"
10 "Rock' n My Country"
11 "Nothing to Lose"
12 "I'd Die for You"

Bret Michaels - Custom Built (2010)

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