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Ratt - Out of the cellar (1984)

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Out of the Cellar is the breakthrough album by glam metal band Ratt, released in 1984 (see 1984 in music). It is RIAA certified Triple Platinum album. Produced by Beau Hill, the album features their best-known hit, "Round and Round", and other hits such as "Wanted Man", "Lack of Communication", and a re-recorded version of "Back for More", a song which originally appeared on the Ratt EP. "Back For More" was originally written by "Stephen Pearcy" and apparently, Matt Thorne AKA "Matt Thorr", although Thorne was not credited for the song until the 2005 album Rat Attack "Round and Round Greatest Hits". on "Cleopatra Records". "In Your Direction" was a song that Pearcy wrote and had since Mickey Ratt, "I'm Insane" and "Scene Of The Crime" were songs that Crosby had pre-Ratt. In 2008 "I'm Insane" was featured in The Wrestler.


1. "Wanted Man"
2. "You're in Trouble"
3. "Round and Round"
4. "In Your Direction"
5. "She Wants Money"
6. "Lack of Communication"
7. "Back for More"
8. "The Morning After"
9. "I'm Insane"
10. "Scene of the Crime"

Ratt - Out of the cellar (1984)

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