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Tora Tora - Before & After (2010)

| USA | Glam-HardRock | 60mb | 320kbps |
Before & After - is a "New" Collection of "Old" Recordings. Before & After is comprised of 10 tracks . The first 5 tracks are from the "VERY LIMITED" cassette-only release of To Rock To Roll. (See the original album art on the inside of this album). The sixth track is the very original recorded version of Walkin' Shoes which would eventually wind up on Surprise Attack and be a stand out track and video. The remaining four tracks are demos that were written for the unreleased third album and never turned into A&M records.


01 - Wasted Love
02 - To Rock To Roll
03 - Time On The Edge
04 - Phantom Rider
05 - Love's A Bitch
06 - Walkin' Shoes
07 - That's The Way Love's Supposed To Be
08 - Blue Tomorrow
09 - Better To Have Loved Than Lost
10 - Something's Gotta Give

Tora Tora - Before & After (2010)

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so fucking good!! thnx a lot!

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