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Rock City Angels - Young Man's Blues (1988)

1. Deep Inside My Heart
2. Hard to Hold
3. Mary
4. Our Little Secret
5. Rumblefish
6. Boy From Hell's Kitchen
7. Liza Jo
8. Beyond Babylon
9. Hush Child
10. South of the Border
11. Damned Don't Cry
12. Wild Tiger
13. These Arms of Mine
14. Rough 'N' Tumble
15. Ya Gotta Swear

Country: USA
Label: Geffen Records
Genre: Sleaze Glam
Size: 119mb
Bitrate: 320k

Rock City Angels - Young Man's Blues (1988)

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Anonymous said...

Great Recording!!!!I Love Beyond Babylon

Matt said...

One of the greatest LP of the era and a real classic gem. A must have for music lover.

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