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Tarot - Follow Me into Madness (1988-1995/2006)

| Finland | Hair Heavy-Power | 133mb | 320kbps |
Follow Me Into Madness is the second album by Finnish metal band Tarot, released in 1988 by Bluelight Records. and Re-released in 2006.


1. Descendants of Power
2. Rose on the Grave
3. Lady Deceiver
4. Follow Me into Madness
5. Blood Runs Cold/Happy End
6. No Return
7. I Don't Care Anymore
8. Breathing Fire
9. I Spit Venom
10. Shadow in My Heart
11. I Don't Care Anymore (1995)
12. Shadow in My Heart (Live)
13. Descendants of Power (Live)
14. In My Blood (Demo)
15. Born into the Flame (Demo)


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